Why support TEOR/éTica?

Build a more critical, just and solidary society through art

Almost all the activities of TEOR / éTica and Lado V, as well as the entrance to the exhibitions and the museum, the use of the library and access to the archive, are free.

This has been possible thought the years thanks to the generous support of international institutions such as HIVOS-ArtsCollaboratory, Foundation for Arts Iniciative, The Getty Foundation, the Acción Cultural Española, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros and the Prince Claus Fund among others, but also thanks to the support of individuals and companies that seek to have a positive impact on the development of art in the region.

Both individual and international institutions have fully trusted our vision and the management we make of resources.

It is essential, for  TEOR/éTica continuity, to create a supportive solidarity network, and from this  comes the Amigxs TEOR/éTicxs program.

Supporting a cultural project personally or as a company is a way of supporting the development of a fairer society, a more inclusive and critical society.

How does it work?

This program is based on a cooperation model in which individuals and companies are willing to influence, through their economic support, the continuity and strengthening of cultural institutions.

The program proposes a donation system to the non-profit Fundación ARS TEOR/éTica, registered in Costa Rica. Donations go from $20 on. 

It’s that easy:     

  • In the menu choose the option “DONATE”     
  • There you will find all the information about the amounts of the donations and the projects that would be supporting    
  •  From a totally secure and reliable platform choose the amount of your donation and make your donation through your Paypal account or credit card.

If you prefer, you can also contact us directly at comunicacion@teoretica.org to coordinate a payment by means of a transfer or receive more information.

Mentions and visibility of patrons and donors in general

All persons or companies that donate will be mentioned and thanked-if they wish so- in our support section on the website, as well as in the Amigxs TEOR/éTicxs section of our physical publications.

In some cases, such as grants for artists, the grant can carry the name of the donor.

In the case of support for specific projects such as curatorial workshops, publications, etc., all the information will be marked “With the support of such and such (Name of Donor)”.

In any case, mention is optional.


Participate, be an AMIGX TEOR/éTicx!